Is Your Name CEO-Worthy?

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Ethical-caring: 73
Popular-fun: 99
Success: 79
Overall: 94

One of Elizabeth's many nicknames, Lisa (as in Hufford, pictured here, from No. 56 company Simplicity Consulting) topped the list as the most common female CEO name from this year's Inc. 5000. "The more biblical names stand the test of time better than the more frivolous and cutesy names," says Jennifer Moss, founder and CEO of "They're not associated with any particular decade." One of the most famous Lisas dates back to the 1500s, when Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo to celebrate the birth of her second son. "Mona Lisa" is now universally recognized as the world's most famous painting. Other famous Lisas include Kudrow, Lampanelli, and Presley.