Is Your Name CEO-Worthy?

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Ethical-caring: 97
Popular-fun: 91
Success: 30
Overall: 88

Of all of the most names from the Inc. 5000, Amy (as in Buckner, pictured here, from No. 1648 company AnswerLab) might be the most surprising "popular" name. "Names that end in the diminutive 'y' or 'ie' tend to undercut the credibility of women," Moss says. "More serious names are taken more seriously, for women." Despite the name's low Success rating, Amy compensates in the other two categories resulting in a respectable overall attractiveness score. Amy, which means "beloved" in French, was introduced to England by way of the Norman invasion in 1066, when the Duke of Normandy seized the crown, thus spreading the institutions and cultural influences of the French and Norman people. Some of today's most famous Amys include Adams, Sedaris, and Poehler.