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Umpqua Bank, Scott Ford
Photo of Umpqua Bank lobby courtesy Flickr user MarketContractors
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Scott Ford on Umpqua Bank

We will never be the biggest, and in our industry there is no such thing as product leadership, but what we can do is know our clients better than anyone else. That's why I really admire Umpqua Bank. They have completely changed how customers experience a bank by using sleek decor, music, coffee and snacks... and opening their facilities up to civic groups and organizations for meetings, movie nights... whatever works for the community. They've really turned banking into a lifestyle brand.

Umpqua is a great example of truly knowing and meeting the needs of customers better than anyone else. That's a value proposition any business, no matter how small, can aspire to.

Scott Ford, founder and President of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group