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Dave Lavinsky, Infusionsoft
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Dave Lavinsky on Infusionsoft

The first thing I love about Infusionsoft is the unique service it offers. Infusionsoft is a robust CRM system that allows me to send emails, process online orders, and manage my sales team among other things. Before Infusionsoft I had to use multiple vendors (and make them "talk" with each other) to solve the same need.

I really admire the company, too. When I recently had a problem, one of their top people responded to me within a few hours. In the past, their CEO has stepped in to help out. I also admire that they host an annual event for their customers to learn best practices not only for using their software but for improving their customers' businesses in general.

What really makes Infusionsoft special is that they are truly dedicated to helping their customers (entrepreneurs and business owners) achieve success, even beyond using their product.

Dave Lavinsky, founder of Growthink