Great Entrepreneurs on the Companies They Love

Alexandra Levit, Deloitte, Intuit
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Alexandra Levit on Deloitte & Intuit

Two companies I admire are Deloitte and Intuit.

I admire Deloitte because they strive to be on the cutting edge of what will make a successful future workplace, and their consultants live the values they prescribe to their clients. They also strive to be thought leaders who responsibly guide our world in a productive direction.

I admire Intuit because the company is always innovating. They hire smart people who are the best in their fields and let them do their jobs with support and minimal interference. From a consultant's perspective, Intuit is an excellent partner who listens to counsel and participates actively so that projects exceed expectations.

Both are models of what large corporate entitles should be like.

-- Alexandra Levit, CEO of Inspiration at Work