Top Six Gadgets of the Year

Tie: Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII
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1. Tie: Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy SII

Siri voice recognition on the iPhone 4S is a “service” and not an app, which means it’s always accessible by long-pressing on the Home button. Yet, the iPhone 4S does more than just remind you about meetings. It is a powerful phone with a faster processor (the same one as the iPad 2) and better camera (8 megapixels). The iTunes ecosystem is vastly superior to every other media portal. And, I like how the iPhone connects to my car, snaps into a dock at the office, and offers amazing business apps like LiquidSpace.
The top Android model, the Samsung Galaxy SII, also piqued my interest. The screen is noticeably brighter and clearer than the iPhone 4S, and the processor is decidedly faster. Plus, there are some really good free apps.