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Concrete ways to be a better speaker... and some great TED Talks, too!

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Don't say these things to other people... but more importantly don't say them to yourself.

Your customers won't always tell you what they're really thinking.

These aren't the fastest or flashiest machines, but they get the job done--and that's all that matters when you're just starting up.

The package arrives at the office in a plain brown box. Then, the fun starts. These products from small companies provide an unusual box-opening experience with well-designed packaging. The goal is to use the box itself to improve the product and make you happy, even if you don’t have the resource of Apple or HP. Here’s how these companies did it.

Want your professional or personal life to be different? Here are some easy ways.

What you decide not to do can make a huge difference in your life.

What I've learned after two decades of studying sales and sales technique.

Most leaders try to be the best boss they can but some end up in the hall of shame. Here are nine boss types you should never become.