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Ben Baker
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Jake Nickell on How the Founder's Job Changes

“My job has changed a lot," said Jake Nickell (left), co-founder of the online T-shirt company Threadless, when asked what it's like to be the founder of a company that has matured. "The first three years I was working a full-time job. And really my job the first maybe five to seven years was developing the website and designing. I still actually do a lot of that today. But now...when the company is so big, I’m spending a lot more time thinking about a strategy of where we want to be as a company and also a lot of time really deep in the community. I’m constantly in the blogs browsing, figuring out what our community is up to, and what they want to see from us. It’s nice to be able to spend more time in the community than sitting behind a bunch of code all day…even though that's super fun.”