Norm Brodsky's 5 Most Controversial Business Ideas

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Drug Testing is a Good Idea

Warehouse accidents, petty theft, and absenteeism were on the rise at Brodsky’s company, and he had heard rumors that employees were smoking pot on the premises. So he reluctantly implemented drug testing—and the results were stunning. More than half of all current employees tested positive, and more than 75 percent of potential new hires tested positive. One executive secretary candidate reluctantly declined a job offer, only to reveal that she routinely smoked crack on her lunch break. After instituting random screening, the accident rate declined, as did the incidence of petty theft. Morale improved among the other workers. Another bonus: "Our drug-testing program made us more attractive to insurers, allowing us to move our policies to a better provider,” Brodsky says. (For more, read "Just Say Yes", November 2004.)