The Pros and Cons of Going on 'Shark Tank'

Courtesy Surfset Fitness
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Con: "Keeping up with the fast pace of growth is difficult."

Hartwick of Surfset Fitness: "The exposure is good and bad. When that many people see your product, it invites a lot of business you’re probably not set up to deliver on. It took us six months to handle the regular demand that we have now. Asking people to wait for products that aren’t quite ready is difficult, too."

Dallas Robinson, co-founder of Kisstixx Lip Balm: The exposure was fast and immediate. The website was full of orders. We started getting international sales inquiries. We didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with 13 or 14 countries’ regulations.

Noonan of Wicked Good Cupcakes: Our business has grown 500 percent since we aired. Having to scale up and be ready and not knowing at what point we were going to level off at was hard. We had to deal with customer service not being ready and not having enough staff. We had to change our website so it was more responsive.