Reengineering the Human Body

Corventis, Cardiac Concepts, heart, monitor
Illustration by Jonathon Rosen
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The Heart

The companies Corventis and Cardiac Concepts both aim to monitor the vitals of heart patients, so as to decrease post-operative heart failure. The AVIVO system by San Jose, California-based Corventis attaches to the chest like a large bandage, and transmits information wirelessly to doctors who are miles away, saving the patient money by reducing hospital visits. The fee for weekly service is about $400 to $700. Meanwhile, Cardiac Concepts, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, implants a device in the body that tracks changes in respiration; in particular, it is intended to prevent sleep apnea-induced heart problems. Think of it as a mechanical "nudge" from a bedmate when snoring too loudly.