Reflections on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Scott Cook, Intuit
Justin Stephens
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Scott Cook: Why Culture Matters

A star entrepreneur on the pages of Inc., Scott Cook in 1983 founded Intuit, the company known for creating the financial planning software Quicken and QuickBooks. As CEO of Intuit for more than 20 years, Cook's entrepreneurial legacy has been fostering an environment of open-mindedness and a culture where great ideas are nurtured. Reflecting on the sanctity of the entrepreneurial workplace, Cook said in 1994, "People who suggest the end of the workplace totally misunderstand the social nature of work. There is a social fabric to work. Techno-geeks will talk about people wanting to get out of the office and wanting to work by e-mail only, but techno-geeks don't have the social side of life. They don't miss what regular people do."