Reflections on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Roxanne Quimby, Burts Bees
Herb Swanson
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Roxanne Quimby: The Other Side of Failure

It's hard to believe, given the major success of Burt's Bees today, that co-founder Roxanne Quimby ever had many challenges along the way. Truth is, it took almost a decade of trial-and-error and selling her handmade beeswax products at local craft fairs before she amounted substantial sales that could sustain her. The company hit almost $150 million in revenue in 2007. Recalling the experiences that got her where she is today, Quimby told Inc. in 2004, "I had some midnight-of-your-soul type of times. Once, I came home from a fair and found the window in my cabin blown in. Snow was all over. It was 20 below and 3 in the morning. I hadn't made any money, and the car had just barely made it there. I really believe that success is just getting up one more time than you fall."