Retail Makeover: From Church to Nightclub to Upscale Mall

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Days of Disco

Known for parties organized by club kid Michael Alig, Limelight saw attendance by celebrities like Madonna and Chloe Sevigny. Designer Richie Rich (pictured left in the new Limelight Marketplace), who partied regularly at the Limelight back in the early '90s, attended the opening of the new Limelight Marketplace. He told Inc. that although he thinks the new marketplace's design "looks beautiful," it's bittersweet to be back inside its walls. "Its like going back to a high school reunion for me. I feel bad in that I miss my friends I loved," Rich said. "The memories are great. I had so much fun here, back when we were like kids in a candy store. We all had our lives turn into something, for good or bad, and I wouldn't change it for the world." (Pictured at right are a group of club goers posing outside the club in the early '90s.)