Social Media Tips You Can Learn From Big Business

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Create a website dedicated to a specific campaign.

When Burger King wanted to promote their 2008 Whopper Virgins campaign, they created a new website called where they posted videos of live taste tests involving real participants. By using a dedicated domain name you can promote a specific campaign to a target audience, like to new customers, for example. Don't forget to include a link to your main website on your promotional page and vice versa—the cross-linkage will boost your SEO and make your customers aware of both sites.

 When Chevrolet wanted to unveil the new version of its Volt car model to the masses, it did so on the road. The company made stops in 12 major cities with a social media team in tow, showcasing the car to interested fans while vlogging and blogging about the tour's progress on Chevy's website and on other social media. Small businesses can use this tactic nationally as Chevy did or locally—by blogging or vlogging about various promotional events and connecting with potential customers face-to-face and online.