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Here is a round up of Inc.'s favorite entrepreneur-made products for 2013.

This year as you bestow a little holiday cheer on your employees, skip the usual bottle of wine or gift card. Instead, go for fun and high tech with one of these gizmos.

The foundations of the modern business world lie in our distant--and not-so-distant--past.

Need a little advertising inspiration? Look no further: Check out the year's most-shared video ads, and the hooks that compelled viewers to share them.

Every year when Inc. Magazine announces the newest Entrepreneur of the Year award winner--it begs the question "what happened to the other?" Well, we have an the answer for you.

This season, learn how to stand out from the pack.

Best 2013 Books for Entrepreneurs

Smart folks in business follow a simple motto: always be learning. Here's a selection of the year's best books to help you do exactly that.

To say that it was an eventful year in tech is an understatement. From tech giants like Apple launching new products to innovative startups creating wildly popular software, here's a shortlist of 2013 must-have tech gear handpicked by Inc. gadget guru John Brandon.

Here's a look at the new wearable devices on the market--and those coming in 2014.

Some PR nightmares go beyond bad press about your products.

Spread some holiday cheer in the office. Here are eight unique gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Plus, by supporting these companies, you're helping owners like yourself stay in business.

Every so often, a company makes a mistake so massive and so offensive it gets the attention of the national media. For the company, it's humbling. For the rest of us, it's a lesson. Here are the most cringe-worthy, eyebrow-raising, public relation snafus of the year.

The accidental corner office utterances that will live in infamy forever.

While the term Internet of Things was coined almost a dozen years ago, there's recently been a wave of startups that have reenergized this idea of connecting everyday objects to the Internet. One area gaining much momentum is the connected home. From smart security systems to a fridge that can tell you what its missing, check out the latest innovations.

History's greatest contributions to the fine art of connecting buyers with sellers.