10 Tech Titans Leading the Charge on Immigration Reform

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Paul Graham, co-founder of Y-Combinator

In 2009, Graham penned a blog post advocating for visas for start-up founders.

"Letting just 10,000 start-up founders into the country each year could have a visible effect on the economy. If we assume 4 people per start-up, which is probably an overestimate, that's 2500 new companies. Each year. They wouldn't all grow as big as Google, but out of 2500 some would come close," he wrote.

Most recently, the venture capitalist has been taking an active role in FWD.us. As one of the organization's major supporters and contributors, in June Graham hosted a panel on immigration reform featuring Congressman Mike Honda, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, Patrick Collison of Stripe, Drew Houston of Dropbox, and Pete Koomen of Optimizely.