The Truth About Summer Jobs

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Lexy Funk
Co-founder and CEO of Brooklyn Industries

The summer following my freshman year in college, a good friend and I drove across the country, from New York City to California. She was the more organized person and had a job in Berkeley waiting for her when we arrived. I never really had a plan. I proceeded to spend about a month looking for work. I finally found a job delivering pizza at Domino's. I was just so happy to get a job, because I was getting very hungry, and I didn't want to call my parents and ask them to send me money. I actually ended up loving delivering pizzas. I even got the Employee of the Month award. That was the summer I realized that, even though I was pretty good at winging it, you have to have a plan. That's what happens with entrepreneurs. You don’t have too much of a plan, but you know what you don't want. So you start something because you don't want the alternative. That leads to more things, and then you finally realize that you really do need a plan.