The Truth About Summer Jobs

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Pete Cashmore
Founder and CEO of Mashable

Summers are great, because you get incredibly bored, so if you are a creative person, you end up finding interesting jobs to do. I grew up in Scotland, and one summer I decided to become an importer of toy guns that shoot smoke rings. I thought it would be a great business to be in, and I figured I would sell them at gadget stores in the United Kingdom. I ordered a ton more of those guns than I needed and just had them sitting around my house. My parents still have boxes of those smoke ring guns in their attic. That might have been my first lesson in figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It turns out that shipping real stuff and paying the import tax is a lot of work and expense. I quickly realized that the Web was a lot more efficient than shipping physical stuff. After that, working on Mashable became my summer job.