What Makes a Great Salesperson?

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Justin Stephens
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Understanding Early Adopters

Tan Le is no stranger to questioning what’s possible. When she was four, her family fled Vietnam with nothing; by 26, she was a leading Australian entrepreneur. But with Emotiv, her latest venture, she hopes to make science fiction into reality. The company hopes to develop a mind-reading device—something most people don’t believe really exists and aren’t too sure they want even if it does—into the next Nintendo Wii. For this sort of innovative product, the best salesperson is "one who understands the customer," Le says. "The reality for us is our customer profile will change as our product changes. The salesperson would need to understand the new and innovative nature of the product. It’s not a utility at this point, it’s an experience. It’s about fulfilling this fantasy of magic, controlling the universe with your mind. The initial market is a hard-core early adopter—but as the product changes, they will need to be able to adapt."