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07.07.2011 | Daily

Twitter hosts town hall meeting, App store hits 15 billion sold, Facebook fights back, and more.

President Obama tweets. The web is still abuzz after President Obama held a virtual town hall meeting via Twitter yesterday.

Now at 15 billion and counting. The Apple App Store announced that the over 200 million iPad and iPhone users have bought 15 billion apps.

Scale your business. VentureBeat has a story with easy ways to use international resources to scale small businesses.

Facebook fights back. Two pieces of news from the social networking giant: CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook has reached 750 million users, and that it has teamed up with Skype to add a video chatting service (ahem, take that Google+).

Get your customers to go green. Small Business Trends points out quick tips for engaging your customers in your business' green initiatives.

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Last updated: Jul 7, 2011

NICOLE CARTER | Staff Writer | San Francisco Bureau Chief

Nicole Carter is Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief. She was previously an editor at New York Daily News, and her work has also appeared in Consumer Reports magazine.

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