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07.08.2011 | Daily

Facebook Vibes, the Google+ baby experiment, the best summer employees, and more.

Facebook closer to music venture? Mashable reports the social networking site may be a few steps closer to its rumored music service called Facebook Vibes.

Google+ lessons from a baby. A Gigaom writer has a clever story about testing the efficiency and reach of Google+ by posting some exciting pregnancy news. The news was also posted to Faecbook and Flickr, and the social reactions of all three were compared.

Mobile makes a dent. Reports show the global mobile industry is expected to bring in $1.3 trillion by the end of this year-- making up 2% of the worldwide GDP.

Business-for-sale market sees improvement. According to The New York Times, the latest data shows an 8% increase over last year in the business-for-sale market. 

Do some good with less. Another Mashable story points out 7 easy (and cheap) ways to give back to your community as a small business owner.

Need summer employees? The Wall Street Journal has a story about why entrepreneurs should hire their kids as summer employees.

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Last updated: Jul 8, 2011

NICOLE CARTER | Staff Writer | San Francisco Bureau Chief

Nicole Carter is Inc.'s San Francisco bureau chief. She was previously an editor at New York Daily News, and her work has also appeared in Consumer Reports magazine.

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