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07.14.2011 | Daily

New tools to help with social media, a $100 billion Facebook valuation, how your business can survive disasters, Spotify comes to the U.S., and more.

Be social, but get organized. Most small business owners are well acquainted with the myriad of tools designed to organize their social media campaigns. But which tool is the best? David Freedman of The New York Times makes his pick.

"Is Facebook Worth $100 Billion?" And could it literally have grown $50 billion since January? "Some people believe that if Facebook goes public next year, it will trade at a $100 billion valuation," The Wall Street Journal reports today.

How to prepare your business before disaster strikes. OPEN Forum talks with Bill Rau—whose antique shop was nearly destroyed during Hurricaine Katrina—about coping with a business disaster.

Spotted: A new music service hits the U.S. Spotify, a popular Pandora-esque music service that's only been available in Europe since its launch, comes to America today, reports Reuters.

The man who lost his Internet privileges. Wired has the bizarre story of Andre Vrignaud, a 39-year-old gaming consultant in Seattle, whose Internet was taken away by his provider for using too much data.

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