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07.22.2011 | Daily

The language of entrepreneurship, your business's debt ceiling, a profile of Groupon's Andrew Mason, and more.

What we talk about when we talk about exits. Barbara Taylor has a blog post in The New York Times that explores the "disconnect between the language of entrepreneurship and the reality of selling a business."

Your business's debit ceiling. OPEN Forum looks at the national debt ceiling crisis through the lens of small business. "While no small businesses is looking to borrow $14 trillion, it can plan how much debt to incur," notes the author.  

A graphic look at Dodd-Frank. The Atlantic takes a look at the "complex magnificence" of an infographic, compiled by Deloitte, exploring bank regulation over time. 

The antics of Andrew Mason, Groupon founder. Vanity Fair profiles the "pixie-ish" founder of the world's fastest growing company. 

Vegas taking bets on pretty much anything. Who will sing the next James Bond theme song? Which will be the next country to receive an EU bailout? The Wall Street Journal covers some of the most unlikely bets in Vegas. 

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Last updated: Jul 22, 2011

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