Obama warns country of risk of default. Last night, millions of Americans watched President Obama deliver his plea to Congress to raise the debt ceiling. Here's a roundup (with video) of last night's speech from The Wall Street Journal and here's how some bloggers reacted to Boehner's speech. 

Finding the right digs. OPEN Forum explains how to find the right office space to make your employees productive, creative, and cozy. 

When Apple store opens, logistical problems ensue. Apple and Shake Shack will open in New York's Grand Central, causing some panic among the crowd-control-crowd that's tasked with keeping the train station safe, reports The New York Times. 

Rich guy race to the bottom. "Richard Branson, James Cameron, and some unknown guy from Florida are all hoping to make it to the Mariana Trench," writes Nicholas Jackson for The Atlantic. 

Sell me an invisible pen. A little late on this one, but The Morning News answers (hilariously) 20 of the most bizarre—and difficult—interview questions. 

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