The old school of business, where job security was guaranteed and employees were sure to be rewarded for loyalty and commitment, is all but nonexistent today. Gen X'ers, the group of 20 to 34 year olds who make up roughly a third of the working population, are on to this, and have developed more complicated expectations of where they work than the generation before them.

In "Youthful Attitudes, Sobering Realities" today in the NY Times, writer Julie Connelly cites that the group, generally perceived as self-absorbed, are really a set of independent free thinkers who strive to have more control over their work lives and to have job stability and a comfortable work environment. Gen X'ers are an attractive lot to employ -- they're generally fearless and will take on anything; however, you need to be prepared handle their eccentricities, like their belief that everything is up for negotiation and their penchant for cell phones, IM, etc.

What has been your experience with Gen X'ers been?