I ran across this little AP tidbit on Salon.com while surfing this evening. A 33-year-old witch secured a $7,453 grant from the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund for her business, which would produce and sell elixirs to clients door to door. A spokesman from the fund said Lena Skarninga was awarded the grant in part because her plan was very well thought out and reasonable.

Well thought out? Resonable? My first thought when I read this piece was, what are they thinking? Selling elixirs door to door? But then I got into the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship is really how diversity and innovation are born in the business world. Crazy new ideas spawn important inventions, lead to technological breakthroughs, and even add color to a frequently bland business world. Those crazy ideas even give hope to others who dare to embark on building their own businesses. So good for you Lena. I hope to hear more stories like yours.