I flipped on NBC's The Apprentice last night expecting to watch it for a few minutes before putting in a video: Holiday, starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. Within seconds of watching the latest reality TV offering, I was captivated. I'm not sure whether it was the bickering apprentice wanna-be's or the Donald's mesmerizing hair-do (how does he do that?!) that kept me glued to the set, but my fervor for the reality genre has been renewed. The Apprentice is just like Survivor, except that its contestants compete on the island of Manhattan, not in some exotic Caribbean locale. The reward is being named president of one of Donald Trump's companies for one year, instead of a million bucks. And deciding who stays and who guys isn't left up to some wimpy democratic vote; the only one making decisions on this show is the Donald himself. Trump definitely makes the show. I almost died laughing when he was shown spying on the boys' team, which had been assigned to sell lemonade, from his helicopter, expressing disgust with their decsion to set up shop near the smelly Fulton Fish Market. Ha! And who else but Trump would have the gall to make a brief visit to his own over-golded apartment the prize for the winning team?In the end, the women's team outsold the men's by a huge margin (possibly because they were smooching a lot of their customers), so the guys were forced to face the firing squad. Dave, the hyper VC guy most memorable for crazily chasing a bicyclist who wouldn't buy any lemonade, wound up getting the ax. I was pretty happy with the Donald's choice, but I was gunning for that annoying Sam character, who tried to sell a cup of lemonade to someone for $1,000. Duh! So before I knew it, I had watched the entire episode. When I finally pressed play on Holiday, the film, about a financier who just wants to make enough money to retire and live a meager lifestyle and "find himself," seemed particularly antiquated. I'm normally a huge Cary Grant fan, but this time his nicely coiffed mane just left me longing for the Donald's crazy 'do.