Wow. Kristi really froze last night. But I think her real undoing was taking Jessie's advice about keeping mum unless the Donald addressed her. The real reason she got fired was that she didn't defend herself in the meeting when Heidi and Omarosa were ripping her to shreds. Then, Jessie stabbed Kristi right in the back in the boardroom. She seems innocent, but I think she may be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Does anyone else feel that way, or do you think she really thought she was giving good advice to Kristi?

It was nice to see a woman voted off for once, though. The dynamic of the mixed gender teams is much better. But I didn't think either team had a great strategy. Divide and conquer was a bad idea. What was the point of that? And not having large shirts at the other booth could have been a disaster. The shirts were cute, though. I'm glad Omarosa wasn't voted off because of the missing money. It must have been Kristi's fault! Good call by the Donald there. I felt bad for Kristi, but I think she's a follower, not a leader.

Speaking of The Donald, I was in the studio audience of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday night and guess who the guest was? None other than the Donald himself! I was very excited. Surprisingly, Trump seemed pretty shy when he was on the set. Not haughty at all. Of course, he was defending Sam and saying that he's sure Sam will be a success one day. Am I missing something? The Donald said he has wound up spending a lot more time on the show than he was expecting, but that he's excited that they're shooting another season. My main concern was keeping an eye on his hair. But I have bad news: I still couldn't figure out what's going on there. It's an enigma!