Where do I begin? From Jessie's slow-talking to Omarosa's nastiness in the boardroom, last night's episode of the Apprentice was chock full of business drama. I'm glad Jessie got the ax. Ever since she stabbed Kristi in the back last week, I haven't seen her in the same light. That whole innocent routine finally backfired when she wimped out in the boardroom. You tell her, Trump! I thought the Donald was spot on when he said Jessie's wimpiness was worse than Omarosa's rudeness. But I'd like to see O. get canned next week. Heidi had a great point when she said she would never work for someone as nasty and condescending as Omarosa. Unhappy employees aren't good for the bottom line. Plus, the fact that she mispronounced Isaac Mizrahi's name twice...and to his face once...was ridiculous. Maybe it was an honest mistake, but maybe it was her twisted way of showing she was better than Isaac. Hmmm.

I don't know why Omarosa didn't pull Kwame into the boardroom instead of Heidi. Yes, Heidi is a tad rough around the edges, but she was really great during last night's negotiations. Maybe I'm missing something, but Kwame hasn't made any huge contributions during any of the challenges. I guess Omarosa just had an ax to grind with Heidi.

But the most clueless person on the show last night was, by far, Tammi. I couldn't believe her. Sure, she might have tried to shoot for the stars once, but she should have learned her lesson after seeing the celebrity's reactions to her out of control suggestions! Why would Regis Philbin and his wife want to go on vacation with two other couples they don't know? Ridiculous! She said she was just being all business, but when you're negotiating, you have to keep the other people's thoughts and feelings in mind. Speaking of feelings, I felt so bad for Regis when he only brought in $4,000. He looked so sad at the auction. Poor Reege.

Anyway, things are really heating up. And I'm glad the whole sex thing has calmed down since the teams merged. That was really grating on my nerves. Can't wait for next week. By the way: Is it me, or was Donald's hair particularly crazy last night?