I must admit I'm kind of sad that Tammy's gone. Her inappropriate comments were so entertaining. But I don't blame the Donald for firing her. Tammy's behavior last night wasn't so bad, but she had the ax coming after her bizarre negotiation tactics with the celebs last week (I still can't believe she expected Regis Philbin and his wife to go on vacation with two couples they don't know!). Get a clue, Tammy!

Ah, but I can't be too upset considering things are really heating up between Omarosa and Heidi, and, for that matter, Omarosa and everyone else. Her three day headache was pure drama, and I almost died when she started playing with those kids outside the apartment as everyone else slaved away painting and scrubbing toilets. What a princess! She'd be the worst kind of boss: all about delegating and having meetings, instead of doing actual work.

Speaking of delegating, Katrina seemed to be making a huge mistake by letting Bill negotiate the apartment price. BUT, in fact, I think it was quite a wily move. If she had handled the renovation AND lease negotiation and failed, she would have looked even worse in the boardroom. That said, the fact that she let Bill handle that crucial negotiation tells me she's insecure about her own skills and ability to get the job done. Plus, she got overly defensive and emotional when Troy pulled that note trick on her. It reminded me of the time she started screaming at Omarosa about what a "good person" she is. Get over it! The Donald obviously wasn't buying the whole "unethical" argument. I predict Katrina will be fired in the next couple of weeks. She's definitely not Trump material.

I was pretty disappointed in Bill last night. I had such high hopes for him after his great performance in the Times Square restaurant. So charming, so poised! But last night he flopped. Why the heck would he allow the prospective tenant set the price? Big mistake there. It seemed so half-hearted. Why didn't you try harder, Bill? At least poor Bill did SOMETHING. Kwame didn't contribute much, as far as I could tell. He's yet to impress me. I was really proud of Heidi, though. She handled her mom's diagnosis with a lot of class, especially compared to Omarosa's babyishness over the plaster that fell on her head. I'd love to see a close up of that moment! Right now, my money's on Amy. She's sharp, determined, decisive, and the kind of person that everyone likes. But, as Bill's performance last night proved, one mistake could change everything.

So, NBC is touting next week's episode as having the BEST BOARDROOM EVER. Will Omarosa finally get her just desserts? Will Katrina have a break down? Will Bill redeem himself? Will romance blossom between Nick and Amy? Will the Donald get a haircut? I can't wait to find out!!!!!!!!