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The Donald--Episode 8


NBC lived up to its promise...last night was the best boardroom ever! Erica really blew it during the "Trump Ice" challenge. First of all, her lame sales pitch was ridiculous. "We're trying to create a buzz," she told all the business owners. You don't tell them you're TRYING to do that! But I think she would have dodged the Donald if she hadn't had a meltdown at the end of the day, right in front of Carolyn of all people. I, like dear Carolyn, was appalled by Erica's unprofessional, huffy behavior. She deserved the ax. When Bill tried to shake her hand at the end of the episode, the fact that she left him hanging was further evidence of her childishness. After all, she had just stabbed Bill in the back a week earlier. What did she expect?

Troy really blew my mind last night. I was amazed at how skillfully he handled the water he modified his behavior to connect with different customers, and how he figured out they could sell truckloads of water at a time, then deliver them in smaller increments that the business owners could store. He was just amazing. Heidi was a level-headed, upbeat leader. Omarosa's "water tasting expert" approach to sales was absurd. She's lucky her team keeps winning, or she would have gotten the boot by now. But Nick "the copier salesman" was the worst salesperson of them all! And I think he lied about getting up early to research the distributor.

On the romance front, things seem to be heating up between Nick and Amy, although Amy may scare Nick away if she keeps talking about kids. Slow down, Amy! But Nick is clearly smitten. Frankly, I think Amy can do better. I also noticed a little spark between Bill and Omarosa last night...did anyone else catch that? As for who'll make to the final episode, my money's on Amy and Troy....

Last updated: Feb 27, 2004

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