Finally, Omarosa got her just desserts! I knew she was unstable, but I was still shocked when she broke with the show's usual format and ran into the boardroom. What drama. She totally unravelled. She said she was going to "eat" Kwame in the boardroom, but instead she had a complete breakdown. I'm starting to wonder if she's not more interested in a job on daytime TV than at one of Trump's companies. At any rate, she had the ax coming. As I've said before, she's managed to stay out of the boardroom, but I had a feeling Trump was dying to fire her. And I was SO happy when Trump finally called her on her histrionics over the mysterious plaster incident.

Omarosa's personality aside, I didn't think she was so great last night. She acted like she was dead set against choosing the weird medieval-inspired artist, but she actually agreed that it would be smart from a numbers standpoint. What a mistake. The team's disgust for the artwork was palpable, especially when Heidi referred to one piece as a toilet tank. Ha! The best part by far was when Omarosa sold the picture of the dead cat for $849. I have to give her props for that one. I also loved Carolyn's "clutch the pearls" moment when she eyed the sloppy table strewn with napkins and dessimated snack trays. If Heidi and Troy are so clueless about art, they should have at least made sure the gallery was tidy and stocked with food.

As for Nick, he kind of redeemed himself last night after his disappointing sales attemptsin the last episode. When he was in charge, he ditched the sourpuss baby routine and really turned on the charisma. I don't know if it's red hair, but he definitely exudes some kind of good energy when he's the leader. I wonder if he may underperform at times when he's not in charge to sabotage the project manager? Hmmm. That could be a savvy strategy as things come down to the wire. Risky, though.

Amy didn't wow me last night. I agreed with the Donald's criticism of Nick's choice of new teammates, especially since I think it might have something to do with his crush on her. I admit Amy has a bubbly personality that people want to be around, but I haven't been blown away by anything she's done on the show. But perhaps my memory fails me. Anyway, I better see some fancy footwork from her next week.

Last week, I was convinced Troy had what it takes to be the apprentice. But he totally spazzed out last night. He was great at selling water, but he needs a variety of skills to head up a Trump company. Kwame, as usual, was useless. But he was smart to bring Omarosa and Heidi into the boardroom. With those two going at each other, he was almost invisible. Very wise. But I don't think Kwame's long for this world. He can't fly under the Donald's radar forever. As for the infamous lunch incident, it was just ridiculous. Both women handled it badly and wasted valuable time. Omarosa was being a princess, but Heidi needs to tone down her foul language. I loved when the Donald asked her what the "f bomb" was, though. I also loved the Donald's little smile when Heidi rolled her eyes during Omarosa's whole concussion rant. I think he likes Heidi's spark and sees her as a diamond in the rough. He's just a guy from Queens, after all!

Next week should be interesting. Maybe things will heat up between Nick and Amy now that they're back on the same team. I can't wait to see everyone's reactions when they find out Omarosa was fired. On the preview, it looked like there was a lot of jumping up and down and clinking of champagne glasses. I don't blame them. And I also can't wait to find out who dares to cross Carolyn in the boardroom!