Okay. I just got back from the boardroom. Luckily I wasn't fired. I kind of miss Omarosa. But I guess I'll get over it. I liked Heidi, but I never thought she'd make it to the end. I think she was too brash to be a good leader. Too rough around the edges. And last night, she just seemed to give up. She obviously wanted to spend more time with her mom, which was totally understandable. Here heart just didn't seem to be in the game anymore. I sure hope her mom recovers quickly. Poor Heidi.

Next on my list is Katrina. She must go. She's very annoying. Very petty. That said, she did have a good point last night when she blasted Bill for treating her like a dummy who's only value is her looks. But it would have been more effective if she had brought that up right away in the meeting, not later on. Troy tried last night, but his idea was kind of lame. I don't know any New Yorkers who regularly take pedi-cabs, and tourists probably wouldn't take ten trips on one. But at least Troy tried, unlike Kwame, who was useless as usual. Maybe he would have gotten more customers if HE had worn a tank top on th pedicab! What amazes me is that Kwame has survived this long, even though he's in the boardroom practically every week!

The other team's advertsing idea was brilliant. But there was a bad vibe. First of all, the flirtation between Nick and Amy is weird. I don't like the idea that they're playing games with each other in order to win the apprenticeship. That's creepy. And Bill didn't demonstrate good leadership with Katrina. He alienated her and she responded by shutting down. Not good. Also, why the heck did Nick give the restaurant guy all of his money back even though the guy got a morning's worth of advertising? He should have just given him half. But I guess it didn't matter in the end.

As usual, Caroline was great. She's so direct. I love it. Don't mess with her. I believe the NYC tryouts for the season two are taking place next week, so I'll probably pop in and see what it's like. Stay tuned!