Martha Stewart has resigned from the board of Martha Stewart Omnimedia and has also given up the positions of director and chief creative officer, a CNNMoney story reports today. She will, however, retain the role of "founding editorial director."

It's a disappointing turn of events for Martha, whose March 5 conviction has sent MSO stock plummetting and has put the spotlight on the credibility of her namesake brand and its ability to weather the storm. One Fresh Inc. reader who posted today thinks that despite what stock analysts are saying, the quality of her products and the style she's brought to domesticity won't kill the "lure of Martha. "

And it's hard to deny that there is a lure. Linda Tischler, senior writer at Fast Company eluded to such a lure in her recent FCNow blog post. Despite the "czarina of domesticity's" lack of warmth during an interview years ago, Tischler still admires her for having created, single-handedly, "one of the most compelling and powerful brands of the last several decades." And, Tischler admits, that Martha is still the only CEO whose recipe for ginger scones she cherishes. You can't say that about too many company leaders, can you?