I felt pretty cheated when I found out that last night's episode was a recap. But they added enough new material to make it worthwhile. I enjoyed getting the Donald's take on what's happened so far. I also loved the behind-the-behind-the-scenes footage of Omarosa going to the hospital and hiring a doctor to come in. The best part was when that lady told her to take a couple Advil! She obviously didn't think the bump was a big deal. If it was a concussion, she probably would have been more concerned. That said, my only knowledge of concussions comes from that Eight is Enough episode where Abby fell off a ladder and the kids had to tell her stories all night so she wouldn't fall asleep and go into a coma. So who am I to say whether Omarosa was really hurt? But the Donald didn't seem to think so!

I was also shocked when they recapped that scene where Omarosa tells Amy everyone's been talking about her behind her back. When I first saw that, in the original episode, I didn't realize Omarosa was lying. But after seeing it again last night, my opinion of her sank even further. Another new moment I enjoyed seeing was the dinner Bill and Nick had before they went to the boardroom with Erika. I wasn't sure how much strategizing people were doing in private, so that was interesting. Their plan to gang up on her certainly worked like a charm.

Things are really going to heat up over the next few weeks, judging from last night's previews. The Donald's going to find out about Nick and Amy's budding romance. I can't wait for that! And apparently Katrina and Amy are going to have it out. Didn't see that coming. Hmmm.

So the Donald held tryouts for the Apprentice 2 on Wall Street yesterday. Apparently people had camped out in the freezing cold the night before to get a chance to interview for the show. Unbelievable! Also, I heard that the Donald is trying to trademark the term "You're fired." I knew that was coming. He is the Donald, after all!