JetBlue, the relatively new discount airline, has earned a passionate following that sets them apart from other low-cost carriers, writes Marci Alboher Nusbaum in a New York Times Business Travel column today. Besides the usual cost-conscious travelers, the company also has managed to capture the hearts of many upscale business fliers, as well. With new planes, reliable service, enthusiastic employees, leather seats, inflight DirectTV, and more, the airline gives premium service at an affordable price.

Norm Brodsky wrote in his March 2004 column "Learning from JetBlue," that the airline's customer service also is top notch. On a flight from NYC to Calif., Brodsky even encountered the airline's founder and chief executive, David G. Neeleman. Neeleman wasn't there for a perfunctory meet and greet; he was there to find out how he could make the airline better for his customers. Neeleman worked his way through the cabin, talking to as many travelers as time allowed, to discover what they liked and didn't like about traveling on JetBlue. Now that's customer service.