Greetings all. My name is Darren, and I'm filling in this week for Nadine, who's down in Miami for the Inc. 500 conference.

Last night's episode was my favorite of the season. It had all the elements than any story needs to become a straight-to-DVD blockbuster: oodles of conflict and disparaging remarks, a romance under fire, underdogs toppling the unbeaten female Goliath and even a shot of the wind-swept Donald defending the legitimacy of his hair. A classic.

First off, nobody is going to miss Katrina. Easy on the eyes? Yes. Tough on the ears? Good God yes! She did put up a valiant struggle in the boardroom--unveiling the Amy-Nick romance was genius--but she is no more. This sets up an intriguing conflict of four men against the now battle-scarred Amy, who showed off a world-class scowl after her "Fall at the Taj Mahal."

First off, I think Troy, or T-Roy as Kwame crowned him, has stepped closer to the edge of unemployment. He's clearly an unnaturally happy fellow: the polar opposite to Trump's icicle-like lieutenants. The swagger T-Roy showed after besting Heidi in the boardroom rubbed me the wrong way. I was howling when the 10-year-old tiger tycoon trounced him, "Troy - don't sell something that's already been sold." There's no comeback for that!

On the other hand, T-Roy and Kwame have struck up quite the friendship: at least they certainly enjoy shaking each other's hands. (I counted nine connecting-of-the-palms last night.)

The outtake of Kwame sitting on the AC boardwalk discussing his management style, which I think could be termed "lazy-unfair," was sensational. How this guy remains on the show continues to baffle me. I think the others keep him around merely so they don't have to heft themselves out of bed to answer the daily a.m. phone call from the Donald's assistant.

When the dynamic duo chose Bill, they clearly pleased the Donald. The look of horror on Bill's face was priceless: He's tired of T-Roy's antics too. But, Bill unveiled a few inner demons of his own last night. Although he has shown himself to be a master strategist and a title contender, at least according to Amy's boardroom revelation, I think he might be a bit sexist. He certainly didn't react well to a bit of blonde competition at the VIP desk. Let's see if this shakes out with Amy and her use of her "womanly charms" over the last two weeks.

As far as Nick's blonde ambitions, I think he's setting himself up for disaster with Amy. He clearly enjoyed the moment when she sent him up to the suite instead of Katrina, but this moment will be fleeting. Now that the Donald has called Amy out over her "boyfriend," Nick had better watch his back. Based on what we got a peak at for next week: We have a lot to look forward to!