Fresh Inc. reader JHB, the president of a manufacturing business, recently read an article titled "Hiring Push Could Test Loyalty," in an "Executive Memo" from the Illinois Manufacturers' Association. The article highlighted some interesting statistics regarding why employees plan to leave their current jobs.

Of those who plan to leave:

71% plan to leave for more money.
58% plan to leave for more opportunity/money.
30% plan to leave for a different management team.

According to JHB, the first one in particular is surprising and is contrary to what most consultants and experts state in numerous articles -- that keeping workers happy is more important to them than money.

JHB is wondering what real businesspeople are thinking. Is pay a primary issue at your workplace, or are "touchy-feely," "warm & fuzzy" things really more important? It can't be both... money and the "warm & fuzzies." What have you experienced?