The Office Letter sent out weekly to subscribers by lets users in on different tips, tricks and shortcuts to using various MS Office products. Here are three of this week's five tips from the newsletter:

To see all styles in Word 97, 2000, 2002: In the Styles list, Word doesn't display all of the options, just the built-in styles. To see all Styles, hold down the Shift key when clicking the down-pointing arrow.

Cut/copy/paste alternatives: You're probably familiar with the Ctl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V options, but did you know (shortcuts below work with Office 97 and above):

  • Cut: Shift+Delete

  • Copy: Ctrl+Insert

  • Paste: Shift+Insert

To view open documents: Using the Window command allows you to move between documents of the same type. You also can press Ctrl+F6 to view the documents in this list. Press Ctrl+F6 multiple times and you will eventually return to the current document. To cycle through the list in reverse order, use Ctrl+Shift+F6. (This works in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 97 and above.)