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Design Eye for the StartUp Guy Contest


Now you're probably thinking that you have no idea how to design a book cover, let alone any design skills, but who knows, this could be your big chance to explore you artistic side. Guy Kawasaki's upcoming book, The Art of the Start, needs a cover design, and he's running a contest with iStockphoto.com and BitPass to find the perfect "face" for it.

His hands-on, down-to-earth book provides actionable advice for start-up entrepreneurs; individuals in companies trying to bring new products to market; and people starting schools, churches, and not-for-profits. The book covers major topics like branding, fundraising, bootstrapping, recruiting, and pitching investors -- all of the information someone needs to know when starting something. (And, basically, a lot of the things you already know about as an Inc. reader.)

Contestants must use iStockPhoto.com images or shoot their own if they design the cover with a photo. Also, there's a $1 entry fee payable through BitPass, a digital content payment system. The winner will receive a Canon EOS Digital Rebel with lens, an autographed copy of the book, and 250 credits towards images on iStockPhoto.com. See full details about the contest and submit entries at iStockPhoto.com.

Last updated: Mar 23, 2004

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