For once, I didn't agree with the Donald. I'm so tired of Kwame riding on everyone else's coattails...and his Harvard degree. If Troy had graduated from Wharton or Harvard, I think Kwame would have been fired last night. Sure, Troy is a loose cannon. Three examples come to mind: the signing of the footballs at Planet Hollywood, the duping of Katrina, and lying to the customers last night. That said, Kwame was just as much to blame for the football deception and the Katrina trick wasn't that bad. But lying to the customers was just wrong.

In fact, the way the guys treated their perspective clients disgusted me. They seemed nervous, shady and unprofessional. I don't blame that one guy for saying he felt like he was being conned. So Troy really blew it there. But at least he does something. What about his great revelation on the bottled water episode? Or his ability to charm people on the charity auction episode? On the other hand, Kwame just flies under the radar every week. Has he done anything spectacular? I'm pretty sure he'll get the ax next week if his team loses. The "H" bomb can only take him so far.

As for Nick and Amy's performance last night, they seemed to win by sheer luck. The whole challenge was pretty lame, considering Trump told them to shoot for the $20,000 range. And I have a hard time believing that Nick and Amy were just sitting around two minutes before the deadline talking about marriage. There's something fishy about that.

Now that the competition's getting down to the wire, the mind games are really heating up. I love that Bill is being so devious, encouraging Nick and Amy to hook up on the airplane. I didn't know he had it in him! It's pretty underhanded, but Amy has it coming. Plus, my co-worker Bobbie mentioned that Bill may have fabricated the ominous horoscope he read to Kwame. If so, he's not the fresh-faced, innocent guy I thought he was. That may be what it takes to beat out the other players.

I feel kind of bad for Nick. Unless he's a great actor, he seems to genuinely like Amy. She's totally messing with him. On the other hand, Nick's dad Moose (whom I absolutely adored!) did mention that Nick is quite a ladies man, and may even have a girl on the West Coast. So maybe Nick isn't so innocent after all. I loved the grimace Amy made during that scene. She needs to work on her poker face! I can't wait to see what happens with those two AFTER the show.

We're really getting down to the wire. My predicition is Kwame will get the boot next, followed by Bill and Amy. If Nick plays his cards right, he may be the next Apprentice...