Last night's episode was a great break from the usual routine. Those job interviews were so brutal. Trump's execs were down-to-earth, tough, and honest. I'm glad they didn't like Amy. And the Stepford wife analogy was so true! As one interviewer pointed out, she was almost too perfect, with the pearly teeth and the hair curled just so. Her whole routine would get annoying after a while. But I must say I felt a little bad for the apprentice wanna-bes during the interviews. Especially since I think everybody has used some variation on Bill's line about how his biggest fault is never being satisfied. That's the oldest, and lamest, interview trick in the book! Hooray for team Trump for calling him on it! I won't be using that in the future...

I did not, however, agree with Trump's decision to fire Nick and keep Kwame. How does Kwame do it? He flies under the radar on every episode, demonstrates lukewarm leadership skills, and somehow has managed to make it to the final two. As he pointed out during one of his interviews, he's low energy. At least he was actually honest about his faults. But he's basically admitting that he's better suited for a desk job at Goldman Sachs than a leadership role at Trump! Nick was rough around the edges, but he seemed more simpatico with the Trump execs than Kwame. Go figure. I was glad that Nick was so gracious when he got fired. Unlike Amy, who barely said anything. Not a very good exit.

OK. Nick being fired was my biggest gripe about last night. Otherwise, I loved it. It was nice to break from the usual formula and have two firings in the first half hour. How exciting! And adding Jessica Simpson into the mix is pure genius. I can't wait to see her and Omarosa in the same room together. Speaking of Omarosa, I was totally surprised and happy that she and the other top cast members came back. It would have been boring if it was just Kwame versus Bill in the finale. But, more than ever, I'm thinking that Omarosa is a plant. I can't believe that she would tell a boldface lie on national television like that! That could really ruin her career. Oh, but I forgot she's in politics, so maybe that would actually be a plus. Hmmm. I wonder if we'll ever find out if she's just acting. At any rate, Kwame should have demanded to know who called during dinner. Just another example of his blase leadership style. But it was unfair of Omarosa to screw up all the logistics, then blame Kwame for being too hands off. A big part of leadership is delegating to trusted employees, dear! Get a clue!

Right there, Kwame's team may have blown it. The Taj CEO said his idea of a successful event is that the star is happy. That in itself was bizarre. I thought he would have cited good ticket sales or pleased fans, but I guess I learned something new! If that's the case, this whole transportation debacle could spell disaster for Kwame. That said, I know from watching Newlyweds that Jessica's usually pretty lowkey about hotel accomodations, etc. I think her husband Nick has to bear the brunt of her complaints. But overall, she seems like a pretty low maintenance, good natured person.

As for Bill's event, I'm not exactly sure what it's going to turn out like. I didn't think the storage problem was a big deal...that seemed exaggerated. He seemed kind of tense, but I'm not worried. And he definitely has a stronger team than Kwame. Too bad Heidi and Omarosa couldn't have been split up...they create such a bad vibe when they're together! And one other thing I was wondering about: what is the motivation for the former castmembers to do a good job? They could be bitter about losing and not try very hard, or, even worse, try to sabotage Kwame and Bill. There must be some monetary award in it for them.

Oh...and did anyone see the picture of Kristi, Katrina, Amy and Ereka in the May issue of FHM? There was a shot of it in the New York Post today. I'm no prude, but these girls should be embarrassed! They're all wearing just bras and panties! What would Caroline think?

Next week's two hour finale should be great. I'm supposedly going to some NBC party that night. So you'll get a full report on that next Friday morning!