Sorry for the late posting. I was up partying into the wee hours with the Donald, after all! Well, it was really only until 2, and I spent most of the time with my fellow Incer Bobbie, but don't worry, I have plenty of juicy stories from the finale party at Trump Tower, like how I confronted Omarosa about her lying ways. More on that later.

After a pre-party cocktail at the St. Regis Hotel, Bobbie and I made our way up the red carpet at Trump Tower just in time for the start of the viewing party. Things were a little rocky at first. A waitress handed me a "You're Fired" in a martini glass as soon as I walked in (that was good), but it was kind of hard to hear the actual show at the party because people were pretty rowdy (especially Bill's friends, who kept chanting his name). To hear better, and rest my poor feet, we sat near a giant waterfall that spritzed on us the whole time. I also got into a little argument with a group of women who were hogging a bunch of seats. How rude!

Once I settled in under the waterfall, I could really enjoy the show. I was totally rooting for Bill. Kwame didn't deserve to get down to the final two, and he certainly didn't deserve to win. At any rate, I was so happy when Bill dug the Marquis Jet sign out of the trash. Talk about hands-on leadership! Instead of panicking and giving up, he stayed focus on finding the sign.

Kwame was the total opposite. He should have personally carried that breakfast tray to poor Jessica. And then he didn't even bring her food when she was signing autographs for hours! Bring the poor girl a sandwich! I loved Nick Lachey's reaction when Omarosa put that giant ostrich head dress on! That face said it all! Kwame should never have picked her to be on his team. What was he thinking? Then, he left her alone with Jessica to go get the Donald. He should have told to stay behind. Mistake, mistake, mistake. He never learned his lesson. Then, to top it all off, Omarosa stabbed him in the back in the boardroom. She's terrible.

OK. Now on to the celebrity sightings. The only famous person there during the actual viewing (from 9 to 11) was the girl from American Pie who played the attractive foreign exchange student. Bobbie and I tried to talk to Donny Deutsch (from the Marquis Jet episode), but he politely blew us off. The nerve! We also noticed the Trump exec who couldn't stand Amy. She seems pretty fantastic.

Then the real excitement started. Around midnight, Bobbie and I took the escalator upstairs to check out the Red Carpet arrivals. We zeroed in on Troy, one of Bobbie's favorites. He was very nice and down to earth. We asked him about the business he's starting with Jessie. He didn't have many details, but he said they're definitely starting something together. Speaking of Jessie, she gets my "Worst Dressed" award for the evening. She had what looked a giant pink floral centerpiece on the back of her head, an off the shoulders peachy pink sweater, ridiculous pearls, and visible panty lines! It was truly disturbing. Best dressed goes to Erica, who wore a pale green, ruffly chiffon dress. Very chic. Jessie should get some fashion help from her. The Donald didn't stick around too long. He and his girlfriend stayed for about an hour. Poor Donald must be really tired. His hair was flatter than usual last night...I guess the TV does add weight.

We talked to Bill briefly. As you can imagine, he was simply deluged with autograph and photo requests. He looked very dapper in his pinstripe suit. I spent more time talking to his sister's next door neighbor, who was trying to figure out what to do on Thursday nights now that the show is over. Bobbie talked to Bill's mom, but I'll let her fill you in on that.

Our next target was nutty Sam. Bobbie was dying to ask him what his problem is. When I asked him where he got the briefcase full of money, he yelled out, "I'm not insane. It's your imagination." Then he ran off into a group of admirers. Okay.

My favorite spotting of the night by far was Nick's dad Moose. He was really cute. I was reciting some of the great lines he dropped on the show (Like the time he told Amy Nick had "been through a lot of them.") And he complained to the girl next to him that I was taking all of his material. Ha! Nick's sister was really nice, too. She's a paralegal. She said Nick and Amy dated for a month and then called it off. I always knew Nick was too nice for that Amy!

At 2 o'clock, Omarosa was still on the red carpet in her ridiculous white dress, which made her look like a giant feather duster. It had all these furry tails hanging off the hem. Time for a new stylist! As Bobbie and I walked out, we noticed Omarosa and saw our chance. I introduced myself and asked her why she thought the show didn't fairly represent her. Then her rude publicist interrupted me to ask me what publication I worked for. Then Omarosa warned me not to brush off the publicist, or she wouldn't talk to me. Relax, lady! When I asked her why she lied about the dinner phone call, she said that her contract with NBC stipulated that she couldn't talk about it. But the Donald certainly had no problem talking about HER. I read in the paper today that he said she told a double lie. Looks like Omarosa got the short end of the stick with that contract! She'll need more than a publicist to save her career now. Although I hear she's doing an Herbal Essences commercial. Hmmm. She doesn't exactly strike me as the relaxed herbal type, but I must admit she has fabulous hair.

At any rate, Omarosa quickly cooled to me, and turned to another woman to complement her dress. Even though it was unpleasant, I was happy to experience the coldness of Omarosa first hand. She is truly an ice queen.

Well, after that, Bobbie and I, swept back outside, zipped across the red carpet, and hailed a cab. Our brush with reality TV was over...until Apprentice 2 starts! Also, in case anyone's interested, I'll be blogging the second season of the restaurant starting Tuesday morning. I wasn't a fan of the first season, but I heard that things are really heating up, and not just in the kitchen. Maybe that will tide me over until the Donald returns...