I'm glad Drew got fired TWICE last night. Fifteen years of restaurant experience my foot! If he was so seasoned, he would've known that underage people can't serve alcoholic drinks. He was acting like the big boss, not the intern, telling everyone to give him respect. It was embarrassing. My guess is that he's the son of one of Chodorow's rich friends. When I was an intern, I'd do any menial task...even taking out the garbage!

Rocco was being immature as usual last night. I thought he had finally seen the light when he sat down to talk to Jeffrey outside, but things quickly devolved into another petty, ego-fueled argument. Those two are like oil and water. They're a terrible team. I wouldn't blame Jeffrey for replacing him. Rocco seems more interested in promoting his new book than running a restaurant anyway. His heart just doesn't seem to be in it.

I didn't think the new bartender was all bad. The ladies seem to like him, and he was selling a lot of shots. Granted, he didn't take kindly to the other bartender's bossiness, but she was pretty pushy. She could've been a little nicer. At any rate, I don't think the new guy will last. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Rocco's not around in a couple of weeks. Maybe that's why the season's so short? Or maybe it's just a little filler before the next season of the Apprentice begins?

Speaking of which, I can't believe Omarosa is still in the paper almost every day. This is getting ridiculous! I'll be very interested to see whether she appears in any Herbal Essences commercials. I think not, after her bad behvavior. But, as they say, there's no such thing as bad press...