At first I liked the controversy between Rocco and Jeffrey, but now the whole show, and the whole restaurant, is being overrun by it. The atmosphere at Rocco's is pure poison, between Jeffrey's big mouth, Rocco's crybaby routine, and the other unsympathetic characters, like the mean floor manager with the blonde hair. What is her problem? The entire show is a great example of what NOT to do with your business. It's an entrepreneur's worst nightmare.

I suppose the question now is what can Rocco and Jeffrey possibly do to save the restaurant? It seems like a peaceful resolution is out the window. And I know from reading the papers that there's some kind of lawsuit going on. To me, that seems really sad. It's a good restaurant, with what seems to be tasty food, spiffy decor, and a lively waitstaff. But that's all going down the tubes just because Rocco and Jeffrey can't get along, even though it seems like they both have the same priority: making the restaurant a success. The problem is, to Rocco, that means playing on his B-list celebrity status to market the restaurant, and his books. While Jeffrey would rather have Rocco focus on cooking and mingling with customers. If only they could sit down and have a rational conversation, they could probably work it out.

All the trouble with management is trickling down to the lower ranks. What was up with that waitress who was accused of taking a shot with customers? It didn't look like she actually had the shot. But maybe I missed something. At any rate, I didn't think she deserved to get canned. She was a bit of an airhead, but the customers seemed to like her ditzy routine. I felt bad for her...until she did that thing with the bananas. What the heck? That was ridiculous. I also feel bad for that new cook who Rocco hired from the Culinary Institure. He has no idea what he's getting into!!!!!!!! Why would Rocco hire someone new knowing that Jeffrey's unhappy with the payroll situation? I guess he's looking to replace the head chef guy. I don't know. I can't keep track of this soap opera.

Anyway, the ratings for the restaurant haven't been great, despite Mark Burnett's best efforts. Maybe that's because Rocco and Jeffrey are so irritating to watch. The only sympathetic characters on the show are the head chef, that guy visting from Italy, and Rocco's mom. If I can't stand watching Rocco on TV for one hour a week, I can't imagine how his employees feel!