This month's issue of Money features a look at best places to retire. Before you say you can't imagine quitting, consider that next month's issue of Inc. highlights four of you who have successfully sold your businesses and moved on to a committed leisure lifestyle.

As you contemplate life after entrepreneurship, check out the special features in the package on CNN/Money. One great suggestion: think about buying a home now that you'll move into when you're ready to retire. Why? "There's a concern that the prices of properties most desired by boomers may get of reach," says David Hehman, CEO of, a San Francisco realty firm specializing in second homes.

Another feature will walk you through the process of determining the ideal place to retire on where to locate, with a list of questions to ask yourself, such as the types of neighbors you want; your proximity to travel options; the availability of the kind of work you might want to do; and, of course, medical care and safety.

What is your experience with planning for retirement? Aside from the common practice of saving for such an event, have you begun planning and preparations for the retirement lifestyle you'd like to lead?