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Dear Miss Management,

Someone close to me makes a regular habit of walking out of a restaurant with a toothpick in their mouth, and leaves it there for some time. I was always taught that this socially unacceptable behavior. I can't help finding this practice very distasteful and unattractive. Am I the one who needs to change?

Aghast in Atlanta

Dear Aghast,

There's nothing worse than having a piece of food lodged between your teeth. However, it's unacceptable to remove the offending morsel in public, let alone nibble a toothpick for a protracted period of time. Unfortunately, restaurants perpetuate this bad behavior by placing toothpicks by the front door, next to the matchbooks and mints, practically begging customers to start picking away right on the sidewalk. Instead, people should excuse themselves and attend to the problem in the bathroom. Discretion with any sort of hygiene matter is key, especially if you're attending a business lunch or dinner.

That said, I have a feeling that your acquaintance may be using a toothpick out of habit rather than out of necessity, kind of like smoking an after-dinner cigarette. Depending on how comfortable you feel with the offender, you might consider mentioning your disdain the next time you leave a restaurant together. If it's your boss or a coworker who's doing the picking, however, it's probably best to stay mum. At least you'll rest easy knowing that you're right and they're wrong.

Miss Management

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