For the most part, Inc. readers embrace their fellow entrepreneurs featured within the pages of each issue. But the appearance of Ani DiFranco in the September issue with the words "I had an abortion" across her t-shirt generated a different response -- and left a pile of mail on editors' desks at the magazine. Readers haven't taken issue with DiFranco's success building a profitable record label, which has sold more than 4 million of DiFranco's records and CDs from other artists. They just don't like the shirt she's wearing.

The full-page photo opening the piece features a smiling DiFranco seated on the edge of a chair, her guitar tucked comfortably under her arm. She is wearing a t-shirt that appears to read, "I had an abortion." Many readers were offended.

Some might say that business and politics don't mix, but others might say that fashion is just fashion.

What do you think?