First of all, I love Raj and his fabulous cane. Some people have compared him to Sam, but I like Raj much better. Sam didn't wear red pants and a bow tie, after all. And besides having great outfits, Raj was totally right when he railed against the name Mosaic. Not like Apex is so great, either. It conjures images of that bald guy with the moustache from the Apex Tech commercials. At any rate, I thought Pamela made a good first impression with the Donald when she staunchly defended her team's lame choice. Score one for Pamela.

As for the rest of the apprentice wannabes, it was pretty hard to gauge individual people's worthiness based on the Mattel challenge. As a team, I must say that Pamela and the guys blew it big time. Crustacean Nation? When Andy first made that suggestion, I thought he'd be laughed right out of the room. A cheetah with flippers?!? Come on. It wasn't as bad as Bradford's original idea, though. That guy is a total meathead. Plus, considering that, according to Star magazine, he drives a golf cart with monster truck tires, you'd think that he'd come up with something a bit more exciting than a football player on wheels. Thank goodness the Mattel designers shot that idea down. The Meta Morpher turned out to be pretty cool, I must say, and it was obviously a huge hit with the kids. I wish I knew who came up with that name. It was genius.

Part of me was hoping that Pamela would get the boot. It was really unprofessional of her to make fun of that poor kid's hair in front of Carolyn and the Mattel execs. Granted, his hairdo was simply awful, but keep it to yourself, Pamela! Especially considering that the kid looked like a mini Donald Trump. Way to offend the Donald. Luckily, he has a good sense of humor about his complex coif. In the end, though, I think Donald made the right choice when he gave Rob the boot. All that whining about being "underutilized" was pathetic. And his idea about the eel with removable parts was even worse than the underwater cheetah toy. Bye, Rob!

Bradford really got lucky last night. He was an awful team leader. He had no patience and acted like a total jerk. Noboby wants a boss like that. I understand that not all decisions can be made by consensus, but his idea wasn't even good. Later on at the dinner party, when the Donald asked the women how they liked Bradford, they said he was "excellent." Of course. We all learned from Tammi's behavior last season that the Donald doesn't like traitors. I have a feeling that Bradford might be this season's Kwame, riding everyone else's coattails to the final showdown. But I certainly hope not.

I was pretty jealous when the winning team had dinner with the Donald and Melania. The shrimp cocktail looked scrumptious! Jennifer C. was hysterical during the dinner scene. She thought she was being really sly about imitating every move the Donald made, but she wound up looking like she was hitting on him. It was totally weird. If I was Melania, I would have sent her home without dessert.

Last but not least, what is up with Stacie J.? Some may say she's emotionally unstable. I say she's a plant. When I met Omarosa at the finale party last year, she said her contract prevented her from talking about why she lied to Kwame in Atlantic City. That only bolstered my suspicion that NBC is planting actors in the show to spice things up. Hmmm. Star magazine says that Stacie owns a Subway sandwich shop in Harlem. Maybe I should go scope it out.

Overall, I'm pretty excited about season 2. I must admit that I'm a little nervous that nothing will compare to the good old days of Troy, Sam, Omarosa and gang. I guess we'll find out!